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Sunplus Technology Co., Ltd. , established in 1990, is a leading chip provider for multimedia and automotive applications such as DVD player, portable DVD player, home entertainment audio products, car infotainment and advanced driving assistance system(ADAS). Meanwhile Sunplus is offering high-speed I/O IP, high performance data conversion IP, and analog IP for a broad range of applications on consumer, portable, and connected devices for Sunplus has been accumulating strong IP technologies on consumer and multimedia segments. Sunplus is headquartered in Taiwan and has service offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu.
874 Sunplus Parts Available
Sunplus Main Products
Automotive IC
Intelligent acoustic solution
Plus1 Series IC
Media Player IC
IP Solutions
High Definition Audio Processor with DSP
Premium HD Audio Processor with Multi-core DSP
DVD Single Chip MPEG A/V Processor
DVD Chip with RMVB
Sunplus Featured Parts (2024/7/20 Update)More
Integrated Circuit QFN
Integrated Circuit QFP
Integrated Circuit LQFP128
Integrated Circuit
Integrated Circuit QFP
Integrated Circuit
Integrated Circuit TQFP-256
Integrated Circuit QFP
Integrated Circuit DIP-20
Integrated Circuit QFP128
Integrated Circuit QFP216
Integrated Circuit
We are a quality focused industry leader in supplying hard to find, long lead-time, end-of-life (EOL) and obsolete Sunplus electronic components.
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We stocks, sources, and distributes Sunplus electronic components to manufacturers of electronic products across a variety of industries.
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Our quality control procedures ensure you get the highest quality Sunplus parts, free of any substandard which can be prevalent within the electronics industry.
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Our component sourcing team and internal data analytics crew are always working hard to find valuable opportunities for our customers and their key components for cost down spot buys.
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