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    Founded in 2010, NHE Electronics is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in China.

    We focus on providing a broad range of the latest, high quality and authentic semiconductor components.

    Competitive delivery timings - Asia 1-3 days, Europe and Americas 3-5 days, Others 5-7 days

    Contact Information

    You can contact us via Email(Recommend), WhatsApp, QQ or WeChat, our office are open Monday through to Saturday:

    Email: hksales@nanhuangic.com

    Please be sure to attach your company name and contact information when sending the inquiry. There are too many inquiries every day, but a sincere inquiry can make us serve you better!

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    Commitment to products

    Persist in the IC electronic components industry for 14 years! (2010 - 2024) Because of your support and trust, we have gone from obscurity to today. We have been serving more than 300 electronic product manufacturing factories in China, including many companies that have been cooperating for more than five years. We have a good reputation and good conscience in China. It is the norm and bottom line that we adhere to, and this is our driving force to move forward courageously! In the future, we will work harder to create more value-added for you!

    Perhaps the price of our products is not the most advantageous, but we can guarantee that EVERY PRODUCT IS GENUINE!

    Looking forward to your call, NHE Electronics is willing to work with you to become a long-term business partner and strive for life!

    Sincerely thank you for every support and trust ! ! !

    Look forward to your inquiry
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    ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS DISTRIBUTOR | NHE Electronics is committed to always being one of our customers' favorite suppliers.