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Founded in 1968 by Harvey Kaylie, Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of RF and microwave components and integrated assemblies. With design, manufacturing and sales locations in over 30 countries, Mini-Circuits offers 27 product lines comprising over 10,000 active models. Mini-Circuits products are used widely in commercial, industrial, and military applications including: cellular wireless, aerospace, satellite, Mil-Spec, CATV/Broadband, RFID, test instrumentation, diagnostic imaging and many more. Over the last 50 years, demanding quality standards, innovative design capabilities, world-class customer service and long-term stability have made Mini-Circuits the preferred supplier to over 20,000 customers worldwide.
6352 Mini-Circuits Parts Available
Mini-Circuits Main Products
Adapters | Amplifiers | Attenuators
Bias Tees | Cables | Couplers
DC Blocks | Equalizers | Filters
Frequency Mixers | Frequency Multipliers
Limiters | Modulators/Demodulators
Oscillators | Phase Detectors
Phase Shifters | Power Detectors
Power Splitters/Combiners | 90°/180° Hybrids
RF Chokes | Switches | Synthesizers
Mini-Circuits Featured Parts (2022-5-22 Update)More
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
1:1 LTCC TRANSFORMER, 3300 - 390
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
IC, RF, IF, Microwave Components
We are a quality focused industry leader in supplying hard to find, long lead-time, end-of-life (EOL) and obsolete Mini-Circuits electronic components.
What We Do
We stocks, sources, and distributes Mini-Circuits electronic components to manufacturers of electronic products across a variety of industries.
Quality is Always Our Highest Priority
Our quality control procedures ensure you get the highest quality Mini-Circuits parts, free of any substandard which can be prevalent within the electronics industry.
Navigate Sourcing Dilemmas
Our component sourcing team and internal data analytics crew are always working hard to find valuable opportunities for our customers and their key components for cost down spot buys.
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